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Transit Area and Fares


Friendly Rider Transit

Here to get YOU there!


Friendly Rider is a public transit system offering services for YOU.  Yes YOU! 

From children to seniors, college students to working parents, veterans to commuters-Friendly Rider is your transportation option.


Reasons to ride the Friendly Rider:

Frequent Uses:





College Class


Helpful but infrequent uses you may not have thought about:

Medical trips to the Doctor, Dentist, Eye Doctor, Physical Therapy Appointments

Summer Rec

After School Activities

Your car is in the shop…how do I get to work?



In 2016, Friendly Rider is expanding service hours Monday through Friday in Wadena and Staples from 6am-6pm.  Wadena will also test pilot one late night a week until 10pm.  Saturday and Sunday service will remain the same hours in both cities.  We will also still serve Verndale, Sebeka, Menahga, Bertha, and Hewitt as previously scheduled.

EXCITING NEWS is the new DAILY route is established that will serve the Highway 10 Corridor to the East of Wadena.

Daily a bus will leave Wadena around 7:30am, and travel through Verndale, Aldrich, Staples, and Motley before returning to Wadena around 9:00 am.  

The same service will be provided starting at 3:00 pm and return to Wadena around 4:30.  

This new service will be perfect for commuters, medical appointments in other cities, shopping, dining, socialization, and more.  Call 218-631-5730 for more info.

   Fares beginning January 2nd, 2016:

Single Ride

0-5 Miles

5-10 Miles

10+ Miles









Book of Tickets

12 Tickets



Unlimited 30 Days


Notice to the Public 2016.docx

Wadena County 2016 Language Assistance Plan.docx